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Passion Projects

Personalized learning is one step in a long road to student-centered learning.  Students are encouraged to follow their passions.  In this arena, a teacher's job becomes one of collaborating, brainstorming, and supporting. 


Here are some examples of student passion projects: 

Student-led Seminars

A student, Sydney, has taken on the job of teaching a "Jack the Ripper" seminar in which students read the novel Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco.   In the seminar, Sydney empowered her students to explore their interests and as a result this has lead to her students creating a mock trial.  In the picture below you can see Sydney leading the seminar and a group photo during the trial.  [FYI:  the two suspects were found to be guilty!]  

Making their Directoral Debut...

In a teacher-led seminar, one of our students was inspired to act out the play Beowulf, so we got out of his way and let him coordinate this huge endeavor.  Jay not only directed his peers in a play, he also had to figure out a budget, allocate those funds responsibly, assign parts, plan out filming days, and, of course, direct!  


The link above will take you to the Beowulf movie that the students made.

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