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ICC Terminology

Personalized Learning - Personalized learning is part of an educational journey.  Typically, when school's transition from a traditional school environment, they go through the following steps:

  • Blended learning - in this learning environment, students and teachers utilize online and other computer resources blended in with traditional textbook, paper, pencil resources. 

  • PBL, Project-Based Learning - in this learning environment, typically two-content area teachers team teach.  For example, an English and a social studies teacher partner to present their content together.  One unit could be Civil Rights, in which students read, write, speak, and listen [earn English credit] about the American Civil Rights movement [earn U.S. History].  

  • Personalized Learning - in this learning environment, students and teachers are working together to create learning opportunities that best fit student interest while still earning content.  At GHS, the ICC also works to create learning opportunities that are interdisciplinary.  We believe that learning does not happen one subject at a time.  The ICC at GHS is currently a personalized learning program.  We are transitioning into the next category, student-centered learning.  

  • Student-Centered Learning - in this learning environment, students take charge of their own learning.  If a student wants to go into film and directing, then their school-time is going to be utilized for all things film and the teacher(s) roll becomes one of support, guide, and facilitator.  

myLC - myLC is the online resource that the ICC uses to keep track of credits, courses, seminars, and grades.  See "myLC" tab for more information.  

Seminar - a seminar is a mini-interdisciplinary course.  See "Seminars" tab for more information. 

Target - The ICC uses the term "target" to indicate a state standard that has been reworded in a way that makes it more manageable for a high schooler to navigate.  

Advisor - We use the terms "advisor" and "learning coach" instead of teacher.  This is to indicate that there is a difference in roll for the licensed adults.  An advisor is one who is responsible for 25+ students and instead of having 25 high schoolers in a content-specific class, you are responsible for all of the courses in which your kids are enrolled.  The job of an advisor is to build a relationship with your advisees, learn about their interests, and guide them in their academic pursuits.  

Learning Coach - We use the term "learning coach" to indicate the difference from a traditional teaching role.  Learning coaches are NOT the "sage on the stage".  They are the part of the ICC that helps other learning coaches brainstorm ways to make seminars and projects more interdisciplinary.  

Advisee - We use the term "advisee" instead of student because we expect our high schoolers to be leaders for their own learning.  This includes being open to guidance and advice while also making their own educational decisions.  


Grading - In the ICC we grade on a 5-point scale with 5 = A, 4 = B, 3 = C, 2 = D+, and 1 = D-.  No score is entered on myLC until an advisee has demonstrated mastery with at least a 3.  It is up to the teenager how they are going to show they have mastered a topic.  

Deadlines - In the ICC we do, in fact, have deadlines.  All credit goals on myLC are created with an end date that is determined by both the advisor and the advisee.  In addition, when a seminar ends, so does the potential to earn targets from that seminar.  

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